Brallet – the bra wallet which fits in your bra

The Brallet is a lightweight wallet that fits inside your bra. Dance, sport and travel while your credit card, ID and cash are safe. The Brallet is attached to the bra in such a way that it cannot fall out of the bra. Give pickpockets no chance! Stretchy, soft, and discreet.


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Bra wallet

A brallet is a bra wallet which fit in the bra. Especially in The Netherlands the Brallet is a big hit and invented by the owner of the Bye Bra. The bra wallet is placed inside the bra and attached to a strap.

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So why do I need a brallet you might wonder?

1. If you go running, where do you keep your key? The bra wallet is a great key-safer :).
2. If you do your workout in the gym, where do you keep your pass or locker key? Again you can use the wallet.
3. If you go to a festival and a bag or purse doesn’t fit with your outfit, where do you store you most valuable items like money and your phone or small cosmetics? Indeed.. in the Brallet.
4. If you travel and you don’t want to give pickpocketers a chance, where do you keep your most important items? In the Brallet! We are sure they are not going to look for valuable items in between your breasts.

The lightweight Brallet is able to fit in your bra. 100% invisible You can do anything with it. Feel free to dance, travel and enjoy the outdoor activities with the Brallet. It is easy to attach the brallet to your bra in a way that it will not fall out of the bra. If you need to sport and store your key or pass somewhere, think about how handy a Brallet would be? If you are on a festival, where would you prefer to store your money?  Give pickpockets no chance! Stretchy, soft, and discreet.