Stick on Bra

Stick on bra

The sticky bra is a concept to lift breasts from the top. The leading brand in stick on bra’s is Bye Bra. Bye Bra is available in cup A-C, D-F and F+. The Bye Bra stick on bra is made from a 3M medical adhesive and is very comfortable. We have all seen Kim Kardashian taping her bra’s with some kind of Ducttape. Well, that is not how a stick on bra should look like. It might be a handy solution but it must be so painful to remove and the materials where this tape is made from is probably not meant to stick to skin for a long time.

kim tape breasts

That stick on bra of kim must be painful to remove. Ok.. ok.. it was probably a big night, but there is another solution! Therefore we advise you the Bye Bra. Due to the fact Bye Bra is a tape which is meant to lift the breasts from the top it is much more comfortable to lift the breasts. Also, the Bye Bra is hypo-allergenic and available all around the world. If you would like to see by yourself how the Bye Bra works. The Bye Bra is available in our online store.

bye bra